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St. Columbkille Crusaders 
Athletics Mission
St. Columbkille Athletics programs are to provide positive, skill-based & faith-centered competitive athletic environments for our youth, which permits children to utilize their God-given gifts and talents. Focusing on fun, skill-development, good sportsmanship, effort, and teamwork, we seek to achieve an atmosphere of healthy competition and positive Christ-like modeling for our youth. With volunteerism as a key component, the stewardship of coaches, parents, and support is primary to the success of our youth sports.

Goals and Objectives:

• To demonstrate our faith by beginning each practice and game with a prayer of thanks or praise, and to end each practice with a prayer.

• To supply a safe, healthy, and morally strong sports environment, which models the principles of our Catholic faith.

• To offer a sports program which maintains the quality of top level competition, while stressing the values of sportsmanship, ethics, Christian examples, and success measured by participation rather than wins or losses.

• To provide a program which caters to all levels of athletic ability and interest from Preschool through 8th grade.

• To offer competitive programs to prepare children for high school opportunities, while also providing recreational programs for children more interested in fellowship and pure fun.

• To provide coaches for our youth who are properly trained, well-prepared, and who model Christian values including the examples of good sportsmanship, compassion, and high ethics to our children.

• To present an opportunity for families and individuals to become active participants in St. Columbkille Parish by providing an avenue to become involved and socially active.

• To provide adult athletic programs for the fellowship, socialization, and camaraderie for the adult population of the parish.

• To maintain a quality and affordable program for our youth and parish families, which does not demand the extremely time-intensive and cost-intensive commitments of other non-Catholic programs.

• To develop valuable relationships with players, coaches, and families from other parishes, teams, and schools.

• To develop a strong Athletic Advisory Committee to help coordinate and administer the Parish Athletic program.

• To provide social and extracurricular activities (sports) which have been proven to enhance academic success, teach cooperation, and provide a structure which deters negative behaviors.

• To remain financially sound so as to continue to minimally impact the parish budget.